Police Force

The maintenance of peace and order in the entire municipality is handled by the Philippine National Police.  The Police Station of Labason is found within the municipal site and has a separate concrete administrative building.

At present, there are about 32 policemen assigned to maintain the tranquility of the area and protecting life, limbs and property.  Accordingly as prescribed by P.D. 1184, Labason is within the bounds of the standard police ratio of 1 policeman to 1,000 inhabitants.

It is important to note, that Labason Police Station is equipped with a patrol car, motorcycle, computer, typewriter, handheld radios, radio room, service guns and ammunitions.

Further, within the said police stations are two (2) detention cells to detained felons.


Fire Force 

Labason has one fire station with a total personnel of 10 firemen.  The fire station is situated near the police station with only one (1) fire fighting unit with a capacity of 1,000 galons or 4,000 liters.

The municipality does have public fire hydrants situated on Barangay Gil Sanchez, on proximity of the Municipal Hall and at the Public Market.