For the year 2005, the Projected Work Force is 18,465 granting the age bracket of working people is 18-65 years old.  Out of this figure, only about 7% have work although many cannot be considered a gainful occupation since the basic needs are still not satisfied such as education, medicine, decent clothing and shelter.  The 47% or about 8,700 workers are broken into the following categories; Farmers – 3,600, Fisherman – 2,500 (Fish catchers excluding those engaged in component activities who belonged to either self-employed or laborers), Government Workers – 790 (DEP-ED/DPWH, National Offices stationed in Labason, Provincial Government Employees, Labason Municipal Government embracing regular and casual employees); Workers of Private Firms – 580; Self-Employed – 800 ( Including those engage in business and professing profession privately) and other – 530 (embracing house helpers, religious, labors, tricycle drivers and operators, etc.).

Those considered employed comprised only about 22.0% of the population or approximately 4.4 dependents per worker.