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Personnel Management is the planning, organizing, directing and controlling in the procurement, development, compensation, integration, maintainance and separation of human resources to the end that individual organization and societal objectives are accomplished.

Personnel administration in Labason generally follows the applicable Civil Service Rules and Regulations.  The Civil Service Commission bases recruitment and selection of applicants on the qualification standards prescribed for local government employees.

To facilitate proper recruitment, selection and placement, the Chief Executive sees to it that the Personnel Selection Board (PSB) performs their functions.  This body evaluates and screens the applicants and recommends the most qualified to the appointing authority for final hiring.

With respect to monitoring attendance, absence and work performance, the Heads of Office are directly responsible in the supervision of the personnel under him.  As such as the Head of Office may recommend disciplinary or administrative sanctions against erring employees.

As part of personnel management, the local government had adapted the Performance Evaluation System (PES).  Every semester, employees are rated in areas of quality, quantity and timeliness in the performance of their targets.  This is done to ensure quality of service and determine the need for training,  For personnel development, staffs are sent to attend relevant trainings.