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Based on the assessment of Geosciences Division of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau, Region IX on the municipality’s landslide hazard assessment, the following is a part of their report, to wit;


“Dansalan mountain is endowed with numerous springs that are viable as water sources for the Municipality of Labason. However, mostly, these springs occur along fracture zones and on the base of erosional surfaces like lands slides. Rainwater seeps through cracks and fractures of rocks, and along the surface of rupture on the landslides. The thick, unconsolidated, and disrupted aquifer of the spring waters. Thus, during prolong precipitation and over saturation the underlying earth materials, landslide will likely to cover these existing springs.”

Further, portion of barangay Kipit is occasionally flooded. It happens during prolonged heavy rains that will make Kipit River overflow, passing through low lands of Kipit and crossing a portion of the provincial road in Kipit.