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There is no metallic mineral deposit within the domain of this municipality, however, undetermined volume of non-metallic sources are reported.

 Magnetic pyrites or Pyrrhotite3 are abundance along the seashore of the municipality.

Silica is abundant in barangay Kipit and Osukan.

Pebbles are abundant in Kipit and Bayangan Island.

Gravels are abundant in Kipit, La Union, New Salvacion, and Osukan.

White Sand can be found on all beaches of the municipality.

Loose Rocks are abundant in Barangay Balas.

Clay is abundant in Barangay San Isidro.

All these natural resources are potential for economic enterprise of this municipality, but prohibition from extraction is necessary for environmental reasons, specifically those that are located along the seashores and riverbanks.  The clay and mountain pebbles at Kipit and the loose rock at Balas are located in areas not detrimental to environmental preservation, thus, extraction is possible.