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Labason is a coastal municipality.  It is a part and parcel of the Sulu or Celebes Sea and is famous for fishing.  The municipality’s geographical location justifies its coastal resources.  In term of quality, all marine products produced or caught locally are noted for their distinctive and unique taste.

Abundant coral reefs which are suitable habitats and spawning of fishes are situated in Bayangan and Bali-udyong Island (Musciellagos Islands).  The same place also is ideal for diving. 

Mangroves grow on the coastal area of barangay Lopoc and Dansalan, though it is envisioned to maximized the area and preserve the existing mangrove forest for the betterment of the ecological condition of the marine life of this municipality.

Fish varieties were being caught daily and were being sold to other provinces and nearby cities because of its high demand due to its unique and delectable taste.  Fish varieties that are being caught in the municipal waters are as follows; Spanish and King Mackerel (Tangigue), Marlins, Lapu-Lapu, Tuna (Blue and Yellow Fins, Big Eye, Long Tail and Skip Jack), Flying Fish (Bangse), Anchovy (Dilis/Bolinao), Mackerel Scad (Sigarilyo/Galongong), Ladien Oil Sardine (Tuloy), Gold Stripes Sardenilla (Malangse), Pony Fish (Whipfin – Tabilos, Splended – Palotpot, Common – Bakagan and Tooth Pony), Thread Fin Breams (Lagaw, Malintubong, Lalagan and etc) and Reef Fishes (Spinefoot), Snapper, Grouper, hind, emperor and surgeon fish.

Other marine products around and still for commercial destination are bangus fry/fingerlings, lobster, shell crabs, shells, shrimps, seagrass (loso and lato), and more recently, giant squids. 

Although these products are also found and available on some other municipalities, provinces or regions, the marine product of Labason has its unique and delectable taste incomparable to other.  Local residents who used to eat these varieties of fish and other seafood could determine the difference once they travelled to other places.  Likewise, visitors from other places are unanimously confirming that marine product from Labason is truly delicious.

This reality is best qualified by the following facts: 1. Geographical Location – the municipality is situated inside the famous fishing ground – the Sulu Sea; 2. Presence of two islets – Bayangan and Bali-udyong Islands; and 3. Rich in coral reefs and mangoves were schools of fish live and multiply.