Yesterday, the Local Government Unit witnessed a momentous event that unfolded within the dignified walls of our esteemed Municipal Mayor, Jed Quimbo's office. The day was marked by an official Oath-taking ceremony, a significant rite of passage for our newly appointed and promoted LGU personnel. However, prior to this, our diligent HRMO III Maam Annalyn T. Dado and the Municipal Administrator Atty. Stephanie Cezar Castillo took it upon themselves to conduct an insightful briefing. Their aim was to guide these dedicated individuals on how to perform their duties with the utmost integrity, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing the needs of our constituents through exemplary service delivery. This was followed by an inspiring address by Hon. Mayor Jed Quimbo. His words of wisdom encouraged them to commit themselves to serve our community with unparalleled integrity and excellence. As they stood before Mayor Quimbo, reciting their oaths, the room was charged with a profound sense of pride and anticipation. It was a moment that signified the dawn of positive changes for our Municipality.
Congratulations to everyone on this milestone. Your journey as public servants has just begun and we are confident that you will uphold the values and principles of our community. Here's to a future filled with growth, success, and the relentless pursuit of serving our people.