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Although anywhere in Labason anyone could dig a deep well for potable and drinkable fresh water, yet its salinity are often the cause of major kidney and renal problems in the area. ย 


The advent of bringing about the potable drinking fresh water coming from the creeks of Israel and Jordan in barangay Lapatan courtesty of the Labason Water District as funded by the Local Waters Authorities brings about the answer to the crave of the people which is a potable drinking fresh water with less salinity.

Currently, the system provides water to the poblacion area (Imelda, Lopoc, Gil Sanchez and Antonino) and barangay Osukan.

Further, Labason is bounded by local rivers, as follows, Patawag River, Kipit River and Osukan River. ย Potential uses of these rivers are still to be discovered as development unfolded in the municipality.

It is important to note also that within these rivers, various freshwaters and brackish waters species are abundant that could sustain local needs.