Local Economy

Financial Institutions

The Rural Bank of Labason, Inc. is one of the leading financial institutions catering the financial needs of the residence of Labason.  Aside from that is the Labason Multi-Purpose Cooperative is also a financial institution catering financial needs.  Micro-finance corporations such as ConZard and Xavier Agricultural Extension Services (XAES) were helping financing livelihood which in turns stimulates the local economy. 


Agro-Industrial Establishments

The presence of 10 rice mills strategically situated in the municipality is a reflection that this area is an agricultural area.


Industrial Establishments

Wood craft and nipa weaving were the primary cottage industry in the locality.


Commercial Establishments

The main commercial hub of the municipality is the Labason Public Market which almost half of the total business establishments are located.  Other commercial areas are scattered in some strategic place of the poblacion such as: bus terminal, school vicinities and major thoroughfare.


Tourism Establishments

The major transformation of the Labason Coastal Area particularly that of area from Malintuboan to Osukan brings about the advent of tourism industry were Labason is offering its beaches through the established resorts to both local and foreign tourists.



Personal Service

There are barber shops and beauty parlors in the area, as well as dress shops/tailoring, photo studios, and pension houses.  There are also arrastre stevedoring and hauling services available in the locality as well as auto-repair shops, welding shops, vulcanizing shops, computer shops, electric shops, cocktail lounges, bakery and refreshment parlor. Reception halls, drug store, pawn shop, money transfer service, funeral parlor and amusement parlor (billiard hall) can also be found in the municipality.


Sports and Recreation Facilities

Basketball and volleyball courts were mostly found on all barangays of the municipality.  In the Poblacion, there is the Labason Cultural and Sports Center (ABC Gymnasium) were various sports and cultural activities were held.  There are two tennis courts located in the Municipal Plaza and in the DPWH 2nd Engineering District Compound in Barangay Osukan.



Private contractors engaging in construction business are actively doing business in municipality.  The presence of the 2nd Engineering District of the Department of Public Works and Highways at Barangay Osukan benefits the municipality in terms of revenues.



The electrical needs of the municipality are catered by the Zamboanga del Norte Electric Cooperative (ZANECO), Inc.  with its field office at Liloy, Zamboanga del Norte.



Water needs were served by Labason Water District with its field office at Barangay Imelda, Labason, Zamboanga del Norte.



Globe and Smart lines were presents in the locality.  The presence of the PLDT lines for local calls also helps the communications needs of the locality.




Radio Stations

Currently, there are two radio stations operating in the locality, the Hot FM and the DXEB, both of them are situated in Barangay Antonino, Labason, Zamboanga del Norte.


Cable Services

Labason Cable Television serve the cable services of the locality with office situated at Antonino, Labason, Zamboanga del Norte.



The Rural Transit Mindanao Incorporated (RTMI) and various vans served the transportation needs of the locality to other municipality/cities of accessible.

Tricycle, ‘Sikad-sikad’ and ‘Habal-Habal’ were local transport to bring residence to barangays in the locality.


For the year 2005, the Projected Work Force is 18,465 granting the age bracket of working people is 18-65 years old.  Out of this figure, only about 7% have work although many cannot be considered a gainful occupation since the basic needs are still not satisfied such as education, medicine, decent clothing and shelter.  The 47% or about 8,700 workers are broken into the following categories; Farmers – 3,600, Fisherman – 2,500 (Fish catchers excluding those engaged in component activities who belonged to either self-employed or laborers), Government Workers – 790 (DEP-ED/DPWH, National Offices stationed in Labason, Provincial Government Employees, Labason Municipal Government embracing regular and casual employees); Workers of Private Firms – 580; Self-Employed – 800 ( Including those engage in business and professing profession privately) and other – 530 (embracing house helpers, religious, labors, tricycle drivers and operators, etc.).

Those considered employed comprised only about 22.0% of the population or approximately 4.4 dependents per worker.