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The municipality’s topography varies from flat coastal plain and valley floors on the seaward through undulating foothills and lower side slopes to steeper hillsides and mountains.  The narrow coastal plain and the elevated areas are the dominated features of the landscapes.



Mt. Dansalan is the highest mountain peak of this municipality.  It has an elevation of approximately 747 masl (meters above sea level).



Labason has a level to undulating slope features with good soil characteristics which is favorable for cultivation and urban utilization.  Rolling to moderately steep slopes render the land highly hazardous to soil erosion and costly or difficult to develop making it unfavorable for agricultural production or urban development.

Further, the municipality is generally rolling to moderately steep slope characteristics covering 12% with gradients ranging from 18%-30%.  Steep slopes, which are usually composed of mountainous and high relief hills constitute 8% having slopes below 30%-50% gradients.  The remaining areas of the municipality have slope below 18%.  This area is suitable for rice, cultivating crops, trees and vines.

Despite the mountainous appearance, about 80% of this municipality lies below 18% slope including about 13,260 hectares in the western half adjoining the Patawag River in the east which is rolling to undulating (8%-18% slope) and a further 30% (about 8,288 ha.) in the central north and southwest which is gently undulating (below 8% slope), including about 2,320 hectares of almost flat coastal plan residual terrace adjoining the coastline and some of which are irrigated.

The remaining 20% (about 6,630 ha.) of the terrain is more steeply sloping including the more elevated high granite hills (18%-30%) in the central southwest, central and northeast portions particularly in Barangay Balas, Gabu, northern Lapatan and Patawag.

The steepest slopes (30%-50%) occur along the extensive ridge extending either side of the summit of Mt. Dansalan that covers about 2,600 hectares including the eastern half of Barangay Lapatan, western portions of Barangay San Isidro and southern portion  of Ubay (mostly above 200 meters above sea level).  Within this generally steep area smaller portions exceed 50% slope.  Erosion is also severe along the entire length of the steep, more elevated portions of Mt. Dansalan ridges above 200 masl (meters above sea level) covering areas in Lapatan, San Isidro and Southern Ubay.