Population And Social Profile

    1. Waste Disposal Facilities

66% of the residents of Labason had sanitary toilet wither the same is open-pit toilet or water-sealed type.

    1. Garbage and Refuse Collection

The Local Government is doing garbage and other solid-wastes collection in the Poblacion.  It has 2 dump trucks in rotation to collect garbage daily.  Garbage and waste materials in the market area are being pick-up by the garbage collectors.  The collected wastes are then thrown in a dumping site located in Barangay Lawigan which is outside the Urban core from the nearest residential area.
Residents that are not served by the garbage collection system disposed their solid waste materials by turning the same in their respective backyard with their common pits.
The Municipality has come up with a Solid Waste Management Plan in consonance with R.A. 9003 otherwise known as the “Solid Management Act” and it has started its implementation.

    1. Cemeteries

There are 3 cemeteries within the municipality, the biggest of which is a 2.3517 hectare burial site located in Lopoc.  Per observation, the cemeteries are still wide enough to accommodate more burials as the number of details record by the Municipal Civil Registrar is relatively low.  The location of the cemeteries does not pose any health hazards to the residents as they are located far from the nearest and densely-populated residential areas. 

New private memorial park conducted adjacent to the Lopoc Cemetery, this municipality which is managed by Engr. Geovanie Empeynado.

The program of the DSWD evolved from simply dole-out to development work.  People started to recognize social workers as allies not only in emergency situations but also front liners in the fight against child abuse, defenders of battered women, temporary custodian of abandoned children and responsible for uplifting the conditions of the elderly and person with disability.

It is important to note that the Local Government of Labason implements the Child Friendly Program being the 3 time Regional Winner of the Presidential Award for the Child-Friendly Municipalities and Cities 1st to 3rd Class Category having sustained its efforts in the promotion of the rights of the child.


Police Force

The maintenance of peace and order in the entire municipality is handled by the Philippine National Police.  The Police Station of Labason is found within the municipal site and has a separate concrete administrative building.

At present, there are about 32 policemen assigned to maintain the tranquility of the area and protecting life, limbs and property.  Accordingly as prescribed by P.D. 1184, Labason is within the bounds of the standard police ratio of 1 policeman to 1,000 inhabitants.

It is important to note, that Labason Police Station is equipped with a patrol car, motorcycle, computer, typewriter, handheld radios, radio room, service guns and ammunitions.

Further, within the said police stations are two (2) detention cells to detained felons.


Fire Force 

Labason has one fire station with a total personnel of 10 firemen.  The fire station is situated near the police station with only one (1) fire fighting unit with a capacity of 1,000 galons or 4,000 liters.

The municipality does have public fire hydrants situated on Barangay Gil Sanchez, on proximity of the Municipal Hall and at the Public Market.